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Address Book

PIM and Address Book to be used with Corel friends and family, have a interaction with Corel products

Technical Auditor for TRAI

(Telecom Regulatory Authority) for assessing Technical compliance by Telecom Service Providers


A unique way of making voice calls over the internet without using the normal VOIP protocols as well as ensuring complete client privacy during the calls.

Print Master Gold Filter

It's a Filter to import from Print Master Gold into Corel graphics products.

Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble Filter

It's a Filter to import from Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble into Corel graphics products.

VOPMail Populator

It's an application which transfers domains, mailboxes and mailing lists with all the configuration and subscribers information from installations of a Post-Office mail server or NT-Mail mail server to a VOPMail mail server.

Word97 Filter

It's a two way filter which can import and export from MS-Word97 to Corel WordPerfect8.