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An organization interested in aligning IT with its business strategy will need to :

  • Create customized solutions.
  • Select appropriate technologies.
  • Implement systems on a fast-track basis.
  • Ensure all round quality..

Enjoy the advantages that only CyberQuest can provide. Six years in customized application software development helps CyberQuest Systems to come out with a range of benefits:.

  • Innovative off-shore development.
  • Effective Risk management.
  • High Quality Processes..
  • Scalability of Skilled resources.
  • Best of all, CyberQuest Systems experience is spread over the areas of Finance, Internet services, Utilities and IT/IS product companies.

Expertise Portfolio

CyberQuest Systems offers its development services over a broad spectrum of technology areas that include:

  • Client/Server Applications.
  • Object Oriented Software..
  • Internet/Intranet Applications.
  • Windows CE. .

Client / Server Expertise

CyberQuest Systems has vast experience in the development of software for Client/Server Computing and has a dedicated team of professionals working on various projects. This vast experience spans development on a network of heterogeneous platforms, operating systems and multiple communication protocols. The expertise developed in designing and implementing Client/Server Applications, is enabled by intensive knowledge creation in the various components of this computing model.

CyberQuest Systems delivers complete Client/Server solutions that encompasses a broad spectrum of life cycle activities including onsite system study and high level design, low level design, coding, testing and onsite implementation.

Object Oriented Technology Expertis

CyberQuest Systems has vast experience in Object Oriented Technology and has a dedicated and dynamic team of professionals currently involved in this advanced technology area. This enables CyberQuest Systems in applying Object Technology method and Languages, and Distributed Object Models in its software development. 

The Object Technology methods or language skills available are:

  • Object-oriented frameworks and class libraries.
  • C++ , MFC
  • Object Oriented Case Tools (Rational Rose).
  • The Distributed Object Model available are:.
  • IONA’s – ORBIX using CORBA (Common Object Resource Broker Architecture) technology.
  • Microsoft - COM/ DCOM (Component Object Model/ Distributed Component Object Model

Internet / Intranet Expertise

CyberQuest Systems has vast experience in Internet/Intranet Core Technologies and Internet/ Intranet Applications.

  • It has a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals currently equipped with skills in the following areas -
  • Web Protocols and Standards - HTTP (Hyper Text Transmission Protocol).
  • IIOP (Internet Inter-Operability Protocol) - SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Internet Protocols - TCP/IP.
  • Internet Security and Firewall

Internet/Intranet Applications Expertise

  • JavaScript, VBScript.
  • Java Applet Development
  • Perl Development.
  • WWW to Database connectivity Beans.
  • ASP, JSP (Active Server Pages/ Java Server Pages).
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface).
  • Java Application Development.
  • Client Server application development. .
  • IE/ Netscape Plug-In development. .
  • WWW to CORBA connectivity.

Offshore DDC (Dedicated Development Center)

The concept is a virtual extension of the customer's operating environment in India and can help you to save up to 70% of your development cost. It comprises of :

  • Dedicated facility.
  • Dedicated team of people for the DDC.
  • Dedicated hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Dedicated high speed communication equipment. .
  • Physical and network security..

Offshore Development Center – Benefits

  • Ready to use infrastructure. .
  • Access to a large and diverse pool of expertise.
  • Leverage on high quality software processes. .
  • Leverage on CyberQuest Systems project management capabilities.
  • Cost effective model.
  • Exploit 12 hours time zone advantages

Network Security 

Information is easily the most valuable asset of any organization.Is the information system vulnerable to external attacks? How does one know what is the risk to one’s business? And how much is the risk? How does one protect vital information resources from hackers, competitors & unauthorised internal users? Does one have the right internal controls in place? And where does one begin?

These are some of the most basic questions that haunt the CIO’s & information system managers of many organizations whose primary role is to allow uninterrupted, secure IS access to authorised personnel & keep the unauthorised hackers at bay. While it is true that most of us are aware of the importance of IS security, seldom are we aware of what does it take to succeed in a security mission

Why Outsource? 

Reducing costs associated with installing, maintaining and monitoring security hardware and software & thus avoid capital expenditure.

Non requirement of personnel as that much of security requires specialized tasks and dedicated & trained staff. The cost implications of maintaining such trained staff (if available) on your payrolls is upward of USD 60,000.00 a year & it does not include the cost associated with turnover & recruitment or the technological cost to implement the security measures

Current Services Offered 

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) & Analysis

This service includes active monitoring of the customer premise network, anomalous data analysis for possible cyber attacks, IP thefts, breaches of policy, etc.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability scans include one-time or periodic software scans or hacking attempts in order to find vulnerabilities in a technical and logical perimeter. It does not however, assess security throughout the network. 

Penetration testing includes internet penetration, dial-up penetration / war dialing, social engineering, denials of service, physical access, even to the point of stealing a laptop or breaking into a home system

These services include scanning the exposed or real IP address (web servers, email servers, proxies) owned by the organization and scanning the internal (private) network for any kind of vulnerabilities and holes that would lead to intrusion or any kind of hacking activity. The services can be broadly divided into 

External Assessment: This Involves outside evaluation of your network and systems to determine if any vulnerability exists. The service involves probing your router, firewall, servers and other network devices with the various tools that the hacker community uses to invade and exploit your network

External Assessment inspects your systems and procedures from the same vantagepoint as computer criminals. This uncovers any bugs, existing vulnerabilities and any other possible vulnerability that could create new opportunities for hackers.


Our External Assessment consists of a series of scans to uncover the weaknesses or holes in your networks and systems. You receive a complete report of our findings, including a detailed risk assessment and recommendations on how to fix detected vulnerabilities

We can work alongside your IT staff to implement practical solutions that will improve your security posture

Internal Assessment: Internal Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your security from inside your organization. We will examine all aspects of your systems and procedures, such as general security practices, network vulnerability, firewall readiness, encryption methods, access control logical and physical) and virus protection procedures. Internal Assessment evaluates potential risks within your network and systems that could be exploited. 

We will also work with you to create the proper combination of policies, procedures and technological solutions for securing your network. This may mean implementing the changes recommended from our initial assessment or providing subsequent assessments

Firewall Implementation & Management

This service installs and upgrades the firewall (software & hardware), virtual private network (VPN) & commonly performing configuration changes. 

Future Services

On-Site consulting

This is customized assistance in the assessment of business risks, key business requirements for security and the development of security policies and processes. It includes comprehensive security architecture assessments and design (including technology, business risks, technical risks and procedures). The consulting also includes security product integration and on-site incident response and forensics. Fire – fighting & emergency solutions are part of this service. 

Managed security monitoring

This is the day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout the network, including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks and denials of service (DoS), anomalies and trend analysis 

Compliance monitoring

This includes monitoring event logs not for intrusions, but change management. This service will identify changes to a system that violate a formal security policy —for example, if a rogue administrator grants himself or herself too much access to a system. In short, it measures compliance to a technical risk model. 

Global Development Center - The Concept

A development center close to your own location which is staffed by well-qualified CyberQuest Systems personnel. 

  • Complete project management responsibility with CyberQuest Systems.
  • High interaction between your functional experts and CyberQuest Systems staff for clarifications.
  • Takes advantage of the proximity to your location to turnaround requests.
  • Complemented by an Offshore Development Center in India, which can provide 24 X 7 support if required by taking advantage of time zone differences.

Global Development Center - The Benefits

  • Increased productivity due to faster response times / time zone differences.
  • Reduced risks due to effective monitoring
  • Reduced costs due to low cost locations
  • Reduced management overheads

High quality deliverables through quality optimized processes. CyberQuest Systems has successfully established operational global Development Centers in USA and Canada. 

CyberQuest Systems combines off-shore and on-site execution, seamlessly in an innovative manner to provide an optimum combination of services, which reduces costs and development cycle time.

These are specifically tailored to meet your specific requirements and offer you the best value for money. Activities during the software development life cycle (SDLC) which involve extensive interaction with the user, they are usually provided on-site at the customer's location. And once the function or design specifications are clear the activities are typically moved offshore. 

E.g. - The initial systems study and high level design are executed on-site. The low-level design, development or conversion takes place off-shore.