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Quest for Cyber ExcellenceTM by being a global IT leader in the areas of software and products development, project management & providing complete solutions to our clients.

Be one of the best people oriented company by providing an ideal platform to our people to excel, grow & create wealth.


To always deliver high quality products & services thereby creating customer & employee satisfaction & maintaining excellent market credibility.


CyberQuest Systems started its operations in January 1994 and later established its Global presence with full-fledged operational offices across USA and Canada.

CyberQuest Systems is a proud IT solutions provider to Fortune 1000 companies.

CyberQuest’s vibrant team of skilled software professionals has over the past years developed some of the best known technologies that the world uses today.

CyberQuest Systems has an enviable track record with satisfied customers across the globe. Growth Plans To become one of the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) by developing State-of-the-Art In-house patented technology.

Growth Plans

To become one of the best Products and Projects developer by developing State-of-the-Art In-house patented technologies.


We deliver products that act as productivity tools and applications, for large corporations.

  • In areas like
  • E-Commerce.
  • Web Enabling.
  • I-Portal Designing and Maintaining.
  • Web Enabled services as an Application Service Provider (ASP).
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Mobile Applications/ Products.
  • & Many more …
  • Services

    We provide services that include -

    1. Problem Definition.
    2. Application Planning.
    3. Economic Evaluation.
    4. Project Analysis.
    5. Total Application Development.
    6. Customization & Implementation.
    7. Software Maintenance.

  • In areas like

  • E-Commerce.
  • Web Enabling.
  • I-Portal Designing and Maintaining.
  • Web Enabled services as an Application Service Provider (ASP).
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Mobile Applications/ Products
  • & Many more …
  • Delivery Models

    Off-Shore DDC (Dedicated Development Center) in India.

    Global Development Centers in USA and Canada.

    Off-Shore Projects.

    On-Site/Off-Site Software Development Projects and Consultancy Services at clients' site.

    Industry Focus


    Conversion Utilities and Tools.

    Mobile Computing and Telecom.

    Software Product Companies.

    Global Presence

    Canada (Ontario) Info@CyberQuest.com

    USA (Connecticut) Info@CyberQuest.com

    India (Maharashtra) Info@CyberQuest.com


    CyberQuest’s Infrastructure boasted of a large and diverse technical pool of software engineers, and software development facilities with over 20,000 plus Sq. Ft. of space, 24 hr UPS, branded servers etc.; State of the art hi-tech, high speed satellite communication link; Fully equipped Training Center, large Cafeteria and Recreation center, etc.; 24 hr Call center for ISP services with 24 hr field support.

    The above ensured Strong software engineering processes, established methodologies for Software Development, Maintenance and Re-engineering of projects.

    Training Center

    Conference Room

    Development Room


    Business Models

    Fixed Time, Fixed Price

    A very reliable low risk option provided to our clients enabling them to choose the scope and specifications for the projects.

    The process-optimization at CyberQuest Systems ensures reliability, predictability and optimal performance of the projects promptly implemented on time, on the budget and on target at all times.

    As CyberQuest would take up the assignment at a fixed cost in consultation with the client(s), over-runs (if any) are not met by the client but are borne by CyberQuest.

    Thus it is a hassle free option ensuring total peace of mind and substantial savings for the client. This model is very effective in maintenance of software scenario.

    Time and Material

    We form the project team including the project management staff, equipment and infrastructure based on your projected requirements.

    The client pays the monthly charges based on the size and composition of the team. The model offers flexibility to balance the size of your team with your estimated workloads.

    Most of the off shore services (unless it is part of a fixed price project) are delivered using this business model.

    Which means projects are completed in 1/4 to 1/3 the cost and the responsibilty lies with CyberQuest who always stand by you.